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Up your cleaning game, naturally.

Specifically formulated from all natural, biodegradable, plant based ingredients, with you, your family, and our environment in mind.

What it is

Our Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is specially formulated with carefully selected emollients, moisturizers, natural vegetable based detergents and conditioners, to effectively clean, condition and preserve the strength, beauty and resiliency of both new and old leather.

What it does

Deep cleans and softens leather & helps to prevent cracking.

Does not leave a sticky residue. 

How to use it

 ● For regular maintenance, spray a small amount on s clean sponge or soft cloth and apply in a circular motion to leather

● For dirty leather, spray directly on leather and wipe away lifted soil

● It is not necessary to wipe completely dry as the natural oils will continue to condition the leather

Where to use it 

 ● On all leather goods

● Stroller - Leather handle bar & bumper bar (before and after photos below!)

● Leather diaper bag

● Leather shoes & boots

● Leather belts

● Leather sporting equipment (Riding shoes/boots, saddles, reins - Before and after photos below)

● Leather car interior

Size 16.9 fl oz/500ml, 

Made in Canada