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5″ Begin each day with a long, slow hug. In the Baby market, sloths are hot!

Molasses is our “cute” version of a realistic sloth. Molasses Sloth is a truly gender neutral buddy.

Naturally neutral color palette.

Sloth is incredibly soft, with a captivating face, and tags all over.

Rattle on the inside and a silicone teether on the outside make this sleepy sloth both stimulating and soothing.

Taggies looped ribbons adorn this gender neutral cutie.

Machine wash, air dry.

  • 5″
  • Perfect size and shape for little hands to shake
  • Neutral tan plush
  • Embroidered sleepy eyes and lots of ribbons
  • Rattle inside Silicone teether ring
  • Machine wash, air dry