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The closed system, Dr. Brown’s™ Customflow™ Double Electric Breast Pump helps moms find the most comfortable setting to help produce the most milk.

Featuring Dr. Brown’s™ SoftShape™ Silicone Shields!

The FSA-eligible Customflow™ Double Electric Breast Pump offers more lactation and expression mode settings to help moms find the one that works best for them.

The one-piece, 25 mm SoftShape™ Shields are made of soft, 100% silicone that remain flexible and gentle for any breast shape.

  • Built-in timer and pause buttons to easily stop and start, while settings memory makes it easier to replicate successful pumping sessions.
  • Comes with
  • (2) Milk Collection Kits with SoftShape™ Silicone Shields
  • (2) 4 oz/120 ml Dr. Brown’s™ Options+™ Bottles with Level 1 Nipples,
  • (1) Slowest Flow Preemie Flow™ Nipple,
  • (2) Storage Travel Caps, (2) Narrow-to-Wide-Neck Adapters for Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Bottles,
  • (1) 6V Power Adapter,
  • (2) Tubes