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All you need to know about Uppababy Vista adapters

With the ability to accommodate two children and various infant car seats, the Uppababy VISTA V2 is one of the most versatile strollers on the market. But it also makes the VISTA a little difficult to figure out which adapters you need for the stroller.


You'll need a car seat adaptor if you're using the Uppababy VISTA with an infant car seat other than the Uppababy MESA, MESA V2, or MESA Max models. Attaching the MESA series to the VISTA single stroller requires no adapters; however, any double arrangement necessitates the purchase of at least one adapter.


If you want to use the Uppababy VISTA as a double stroller, you'll need to purchase the higher adapter and, in certain circumstances, the bottom adapter to accommodate most double setups.


We'll explain which adapters you'll need to attach your infant car seat to the Uppababy VISTA, as well as which adapters you'll need to use the VISTA as a double stroller for two kids, in this post.


Uppababy VISTA Double Stroller Adapters

If you want to convert your Uppababy VISTA V2 single stroller into a double stroller, you'll need adapters—and for many combinations, you'll also need the Rumble Seat.


The seat that comes with your single stroller is known as the Toddler Seat, and it only fits in the highest position and can support a child weighing 50 pounds. The Rumble Seat is only available in the lowest position and can hold 35 pounds.


For additional information, see our comparison of the Uppababy VISTA Toddler Seat vs. Rumble Seat.


The top adapter is necessary for certain VISTA double layouts to create greater room between the two seats. If you're using a bassinet or car seat in the lower position, you'll also need the lower adaptor. The Rumble seat comes with its own set of Rumble seat adapters for attaching the smaller seat to the front of the VISTA's frame.


In the next sections, we'll go over the adapters you'll need for each VISTA double setup.


Using the Uppababy VISTA for Twins

The Uppababy VISTA is a popular double stroller for parents expecting twins since it is simple to attach two infant car seats, two bassinets, and eventually two stroller seats while enjoying the VISTA's ample storage capacity and excellent steering


How to Use a Uppababy VISTA Car Seat Stroller with two wheels


When utilizing a car seat on the VISTA double stroller, you'll need adapters regardless of the car seat you have. We'll go over these adapters in greater depth below.

Uppababy VISTA Nuna car seat adaptor

You have adapter options if you're utilizing a Nuna PIPA series infant car seat on your VISTA.


Nuna makes a ring-shaped adapter that allows you to easily place the car seat on top of it. When you press a huge button on the rear of the adapter, the PIPA detaches with one hand. This makes it easier to use than non-ring-shaped adapters, which need you to click two buttons on the car seat's side to release it. Despite its bigger size, the stroller adaptor folds with it.



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