Toronto’s Original Stroller Repair Depot

Our goal is to get you rolling again!

We’re an official repair depot for major stroller brands such as Uppa Baby, Peg Perego, Baby Jogger, Guzzie & Guss, and Bumbleride. But even if your stroller isn’t on this list or is out of its warranty time we can probably still help you out – bring your stroller in and let us take a look! All repairs are done on-site by shop owner Bill, who has been doing repairs here since he was just a kid himself!

“I’ve been fixing strollers for… a few years now.”

— Bill Ranger, stroller repairman since 1963

Our repair shop can get busy at times, here are some tips to speed things up:

  • Repairs can take anywhere from 2 days to a week, but if we have to order a replacement part it may take longer. We do our absolute best to get you back in working order as fast as possible, but you might have to plan ahead for some time without a stroller.­­­
  • Stroller still under warranty? Don’t forget your proof of purchase or registration form (physical or electronic copy).
  • Airline damage? Don’t forget your claim form paperwork

Stroller Maintenance:

  • Lubrication is a stroller’s best friend – squirt a little of any standard lubricant such as WD40 into moving parts every couple months (more often in the winter).
  • Wheels not running as smoothly as they used to? Pull them off (there’s usually a button to release them), clean off the axles, lubricate and then put them back on.
  • Don’t store your stroller in direct sunlight as it fades the fabric very quickly, avoid leaving it in a damp environment as it may get mildew/mold, keep an eye out for squirrels or raccoons chewing fabric, and finally – don’t forget to lock it up! Stroller theft is a common occurrence.
  • Clean stroller fabrics according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, but generally some soap, water and elbow grease will do wonders. Avoid harsh soaps or too hot water in case it shrinks your fabric, and if you remove the fabric to clean it remember to put it back on before letting it dry.
  • Adjustable footrests can break if placed under too much stress, try to keep older or heavier children from putting too much weight onto it or it may snap! This is probably our most common repair.
  • Wheels wear down over time, just like on your car. Don’t worry too much, as we usually stock or can order most manufacturer’s replacement wheels.


Macklem’s has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service while serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1945.