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Who shoots for second best for their babies? Our babies need the very best care. Their skin is ten times thinner than an adult’s, and can accumulate up to 50% of their lifetime risk to cancer by their second birthday due to chemical and toxic exposure. This is why we chose to follow USDA, the gold international food standard for our personal care products. Shoosha Truly Organic believes nothing less is good enough for you, or your children.

To qualify for the Organic USDA seal, 95% of the ingredients must be Certified Organic. The remaining 5% may be non-organic ingredients such as non-chemically treated or processed vitamins, baking powder, etc. Both the farmland growing Shoosha’s organic plants and the manufacturing facility blending our products are Certified Organic by the USDA.

Simple Organic Extracts

Shoosha lists their ingredients, their description and their purpose on their website.  They believe that nobody should have to get a chemical degree to decide whether a product is safe or not. Trust ought to be more simple.  Shoosha uses only pure, organic, beautiful ingredients that will nurture your delicate babies – and pamper you too.

Stretch marks are a sign of how wonderful the female body is. At the same time we may not be that happy about that.

This is a blend of organic rejuvenating oils that combine to help prevent, minimize and improve the look of stretch marks and may help fade scar tissue.

The demand on your skin  to expand will usually result in dermis tears and stretch marks. Stretch marks are a common side effect of  weight gain, rapid growth in teens and pregnancy. Initially they will look red but will eventually fade as they heal. Factors that increase the likelihood of these marks are race, age, genetics and diet.

Use Rejuvenate Stretch Mark Serum at the beginning of the second trimester on the areas that are susceptible to stretch marks: the abdomen, breasts, lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. Apply twice daily. This formula includes Neroli, Rose Hip, Tamanu, Lavender and Borage – all proven to contribute to skin cell regeneration.

Results vary from person to person

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