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There are four positions: newborn, facing in, facing out, and on your back.

Your newborn needs a lot of closeness.

Carrying your baby facing in strengthens the connection between the two of you, while the warmth from your breath and the sound of your heart provide security for your baby.

At around the age of five months, once your baby’s neck muscles have become strong enough to hold up the head unaided, you can begin to carry facing out.

As your baby continues to grow, it can be comfortable to carry your baby on your back.

You do not have the same degree of supervision when your baby is on your back, so it is important to wait until they have turned one before using this position.

Baby Carrier Harmony in 3D mesh

3D mesh in 100% polyester is a super soft, sturdy and flexible fabric that hugs your baby.

Because it is a technically advanced fabric that breathes, it is cool and comfy.

It also dries quickly after washing.

The luxurious, high-quality 3D mesh helps the baby carrier keep its shape even after multiple washes.

Washing instructions

Baby Carrier Harmony is machine washable at 40°C. It should be washed separately, and it should not be dried in the dryer.

Remember to use a mild, environmentally certified and bleach-free detergent and carefully follow dosage instructions.

Do not use fabric softener since this can impair the quality and functionality of the fabric.

  • 0 - 3 years
  • 3.2–15 kg
  • From 53 cm