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Daisy Shape Sorter - 16pc Daisy Shape Sorter - 16pc

Daisy Shape Sorter - 16pc

This classic shape sorter toy features a daisy-shaped base with seven holes in different sizes and shapes and bright colours. Little ones will learn to recognize the different shapes and...
Fantacolor Junior Fantacolor Junior

Fantacolor Junior

This new version has completely redesigned cards and case, now with handles for easy transportation. After playing with it on a level surface, the card may be inserted into the...
Smart Puzzle Colours Smart Puzzle Colours

Smart Puzzle Colours

One side features 12 cute images for the child to recognize and place in the correct spaces. The other side is a magnetic board. Click to check our another amazing...
Peg Brite Peg Brite

Peg Brite

Peg Brite toy-lamp adds an artistic touch to the lights in your kids room? The fun pegs are pleasant to handle and easy to insert into the board; they are...
Hammer Peggy Hammer Peggy

Hammer Peggy

Have fun hitting the colourful pegs with the hammer and when you have finished turn the game upside down and start again.It can be played in two ways:1 Classic, with...
Filo - Lace Design Set Filo - Lace Design Set

Filo - Lace Design Set

 It allows you to draw drawings with colored laces and then have fun undoing them in a flash and start again. Just load the pen with a string and start...
Chunky Peggy Chunky Peggy

Chunky Peggy

Chunky Peggy is an educational toy with colourful jumbo pegs that has been specifically designed to meet your child’s first developmental needs. Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by the...
Play Bio- Kubo Shape Play Bio- Kubo Shape

Play Bio- Kubo Shape

Classic shape cube for associating shapes and colours and developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. AGE: 1+  Click to check our another amazing product
Play Bio Chunky Peggy Play Bio Chunky Peggy

Play Bio Chunky Peggy

The new Bio Chunky Pegs is an educational toy with colorful jumbo pegs that has been specially designed to meet your child's first developmental needs.  Click to check our another...
Animal Links -18pcs Animal Links -18pcs

Animal Links -18pcs

18 pcs. Interlocking animals in 3 lovable shapes and 6 bright colours. AGE: 1+ Click to check our another amazing product   Click to check our another amazing product
Saxoflute  - 16pcs Saxoflute  - 16pcs

Saxoflute - 16pcs

This set allows the child to build some fun wind instruments. AGE: 2+ Click to check our another amazing product
Upper Case Letters 48 pcs

Upper Case Letters 48 pcs

Set of magnetic uppercase letters. 48 pcs AGE: 4+ Click to check our another amazing product