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How to Choose a Right Baby Crib for your Baby?

You are welcoming a new born baby with excitement and planning to design a nursery for you little one. So, this blog will help you to decide, which crib is best for you. And how have to choose the right crib for your baby. 

The best place to buy a baby crib is Macklem’s. These are many options available our websites. You must have a look on them. 

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Keep these Points in Mind, While Choosing a Crib
  • The weight of the crib slabs is at most 8 inches. If the crib slab is more than 8 inches, it would be dangerous for the baby.
  • The mattress should adequately fit in the crib. There should be no spaces at the sides of the cribs. The mattress volume should be dense and not pressed when the baby lays on the crib. If the mattress gets pressed, it will make your child uncomfortable.
  • There are many cribs in which you can adjust the mattress. You should go for those cribs. The distance should be 26 inches from the height to the end of the mattress. It is the standard height of the mattress. Suppose you buy a crib whose mattress is adjustable. You can adjust the mattress according to the age of the child.
  • There should be no decorative stuff on the headboard. Make sure to buy a crib that has no pointed corners. The pointed corners would be caught in the clothes of your baby, and your baby would get hurt. 
  • If the crib has any side drop, it will not meet your baby's safety requirements. Do not purchase such a type of crib.
  • Some parents use bumpers in the crib to keep the baby safe in the crib, but if your baby grows a little, parents think they will come out of the crib with the help of a bumper. There is no evidence of bumpers about safety.
  • Check that the crib you plan to buy must be stable. If you shake it and it remains unstable, then the alignment of the crib is improper. Do not purchase a crib whose alignment is uneven.
  • Make your that all the screws, glues, and nails are appropriately stuck in the crib. If it is not correctly sticking, it will hurt you or your baby while sleeping in the crib.
  • You are planning to purchase a crib with a wheel. Make sure that the lock system of the crib is appropriately exemplary. Do not move on the floor while your baby plays and sleeps in the crib.

The best crib can be bought with the help of the factors which I have discussed above.

Domino-to-Grow Convertible Crib

Buy a New Crib

While having a baby, your family will suggest you use the old crib used for the kids from your grandparent's generation. You should not use the old or vintage crib. If you are using it or planning to use it, it will endanger the life of your baby.

To keep the life of your little one safe and secure, buy a new one despite using an older crib. The new baby crib will meet the safety standards.

Moreover, the structure of an older crib is of no use with time, plus using it will risk the life of the little one. So, go for a new one. You must check everything in the baby crib before buying it because it is a long-term investment, and your baby will use it for 3-4 years.

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Safety Measures

  • Avoid the older ones because the product features and materials must look fresher as time passes. It may risk the life of the little one.
  • Keep the crib humpers and slat away from the baby, and it may cause suffocation to the baby while sleeping.
  • Keep checking the screw, nails, bolts, etc, because they may get losses as time passes.
  • If you are using someone else while you are travelling or living in someone else's house, ensure the crib is stable and does not shake while your baby sleeps in the cot.
  • Some cribs have a convertible option. You can convert them into a bed of a considerable size as your baby grows, and you need a separate mattress for your baby.

Buy a Crib from Macklem’s 

There are many best places to purchase cribs. Macklem’s is one of them. We have many types of cribs on our website and in-store. Parents always look for high-quality products. Macklem’s continually strives to provide high quality to its customers. 

Visit our online store to purchase a crib for different brands and different features at affordable prices. You can also visit our physical store, where our team will guide you in choosing the best crib. Contact us now for further information and assistance in buying a crib.

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